Services We Provide...

  On-site repairs & calibrations
  Accreditation assistance
  After hours servicing available
  90 day warranty on parts and labor
  Loaner equipment available
  Equipment in-service training

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

  Reduce equipment downtime
  On-site testing, calibration & certification
  Electromedical apparatus electrical safety testing
  Computerized documentation & record keeping
  Discrepency reports and follow up repairs
  P.M. log book
  Equipment labeling
  Equipment inventory list
  Inspection frequency 3, 6 or 12 month periods
  Flexible scheduling

Regulatory Authorities & Testing Recommendations

  Members of AAMI & CMIA
  Voluntary standards
  ANSI:    American National Standards Institute
  AAMI:   Association for the advancement of medical instrumentation
  NFPA:  National Fire Protection Association
  FDA:     Food and Drug Administration
  OSHA:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Our Guarantee

We guarantee to repair and/or calibrate your equipment to manufacturers specifications and meet all standards of professional workmanship



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