Ritter M7 SpeedClave® Self-Contained Sterilizer

For those who've been using glutaraldehyde, bead autoclaves and dry heat methods for purification, the Ritter M7 SpeedClave is the answer to easier, cleaner, more efficient and environment-friendly sterilization. In fact, the speedy M7 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an effective, manual autoclave… at an unbelievably low price.

Ritter M9 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer

The Ritter M9D AutoClave Automatic Sterilizer, an economical option to the Ritter M9, offers easy, effective sterilization. One button starts the cycle and you must manually open the door within 30 minutes of completion to activate the dry cycle. This extra step is the only difference between the Ritter M9D and its fully automatic counterpart.

Midmark Soniclean® Ultrasonic Cleaners

No one will argue that ultrasonic cleaning is the fastest, most consistent and safest method of cleaning instruments and components. But because ultrasonic cleaners emit a high pitched sound, no one ever accused them of being quiet…until now.







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