Ritter 355 Minor Surgery Light

The Ritter 355 Minor Surgery Light is the perfect balance between quality and affordability. And speaking of balance, it's counterbalanced to provide precise positioning without drifting. Less than 2½ pounds of force allow the physician to easily maneuver the light to the position they desire. Available in five-caster and single or dual ceiling mount versions, the Ritter 355 appears as an operating room light… but has the economical price of an exam room light. Other features include a large pattern size with an even distribution of light throughout, unsurpassed shadow control and superior footcandle illumination.

Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Light

The new Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Light is an ideal task light for all medical environments where illumination is required for external examinations and procedures. With its pure, crisp and defined light pattern, it can be adjusted to suit each physician's individual needs.

Ritter 151 Incandescent Exam Light

You need an exam light you can depend on to provide superior, white, shadow-free illumination, while remaining cool to the touch… a light that offers the option of maneuverability to make examining your patients easier than ever.

The new Ritter 151 Incandescent Exam Light is just what you've been looking for to give you the quality lighting you need, at a price you can afford. It comes with an optional caster base, which is sturdy, yet easy to attach to the base. The flexible gooseneck is covered in durable plastic for easy cleaning. And, the Ritter 151 is designed to remain cool to the touch. A multi-faceted reflector made of durable plastic helps prevent burning, while the wide beam reflector provides an abundant light for a variety of exams.






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